KFH-B organizes Omrah trip for employees

KFH-B Employees group photo during Omrah trip
KFH-Bahrain’s Social Committee organized an Omrah trip in the holy month of Ramadan for its employees. The Bank supported the costs in line with its beliefs in providing a spiritual atmosphere for its employees during the holy month.

“The bank hosts many social and recreational activities for its employees throughout the year and it has chosen to organize a trip to perform Omrah during Ramadan, as being in line with Shari’a principles, such initiatives promote Islamic values among the staff,” Khalid Al Hassan, Chairman of the Social Committee, said.

“On this blessed trip, the committee worked to provide all means of comfort for participants including expatriate employees who recently converted to Islam and were given the chance to perform Omrah for the first time and visit the Holy site,” he added.

The trip was one of many social committee activities currently being held during the Holy month of Ramadan.

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