Lenovo and Kanoo IT hosts Sohour

Lenovo Kanoo IT team during the Sahour treat
Bahrain, in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, and to spread the spirit of sharing and giving, Lenovo and Kanoo IT has invited its clients and employees to Sohour Ramadani in Ritz Carlton Hotel Ramadan Tent “Al Khayma”, with the attendance of Lenovo’s Regional Managers from Dubai.

The attended crowd of Lenovo’s major clients and Kanoo IT employees in Bahrain got a chance to see Lenovo’s latest products, in a distinctive Ramadani ambiance.

Recently, that Kanoo Information Technology (Kanoo IT), Bahrain’s leading ICT solutions provider, has announced that it has upgraded its partnership agreement with Lenovo, the world’s second largest PC Company, to Tier One Corporate Reseller status for Kingdom of Bahrain. This new business partnership status will entitle Kanoo IT to directly import and resell Lenovo entire range of corporate product portfolio of the award winning ThinkPad notebooks and tablets and ThinkCentre desktops PCs and ThinkStation workstations.

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