McDonald’s A Day Offline becomes an instant hit

McDonald’s Bahrain announced the overwhelming success of its ‘A Day Offline’ campaign, reporting that over 300 families from across the country turned off mobile phones, computers and television sets to spend the day with their family instead, on Friday September 28th.

In the lead-up to the ‘A Day Offline’ that took place on 28th September, McDonald’s Bahrain distributed more than 12,000 phone vaults– phone-sized containers with adhesive closures – offering parents a handy place to store their devices during family time across all 15 branches throughout the island.

Based on the incredible success of the campaign, McDonald’s has committed to make A Day Offline an annual initiative whereby the organization will devote one day every September to celebrating the importance of uninterrupted family time.

“We’re extremely pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response we received from all those families that participated,” Hakan Serim, General Manager of McDonald’s Bahrain, said.

“We at McDonald’s believe in cultivating family relationships and are in a fortunate position tolend our voice and support to this great cause.We feel privileged to have been a part of this initiative, and we are hopeful that families across the country and throughout the remainder of the region will feel inspired to carry this concept forward in the weeks and months that follow.”

“The ‘A Day Offline’ campaign has been incredibly successful in bringing awareness to the issue of importance of spending family time together and has triggered a good start. Once the seed has been planted, families become more aware of their actions and are able to focus their time and undivided attention where it matters most,” he added.

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