Nass complements growth with new equipment

Nass Commercial Service Center Support Manager Ahmed Saber, General Manager Bashar Nass, Sales Executive T. Balu, Electrical Engineer Ibrahim, and Workshop Supervisor Engineer Hani
As the construction sector witnesses a change for the better, the demand for power-efficient and cost effective solutions rises especially in the field of engineering, welding and related activities.

With the anticipated increase in power consumption by 12% this year as stated by the Electricity and Water Authority, Bahrain (EWA), innovative and multi-process power sources have become the ideal solution for use in extreme field environments.

“Equipment such as power conserving inverters has played a major role in the construction sector for quite some time as they are best suited for the harsh environment in Bahrain. Irrespective of the location and purpose, these solutions have assisted a great deal in providing timely power supply, thereby enabling contractors meet all deadlines on a jobsite,” Bashar Nass, General Manager of Nass Commercial, said.

These days construction companies in Bahrain utilize high efficient operative machines combined with high surge capacity inverters that provide long lasting power and maximum equipment performance. The new line of Buddy welders and inverters from Nass Commercial is perfectly suited for remote job sites, thereby providing economy in terms of time and efficiency.

“Launched by ESAB this year, the addition of new Buddy units to our already existing line of Buddy products is very strategic and will greatly enhance our sales revenue and channel reach,” Bashar, added.

Buddy Welders are portable welding machines that feature advanced technology and world class modular design. The servicing and repairs to these products become exceptionally quick and easy, which makes the Buddy Welder number one in the industry for its reliability, low operating costs and return on investment.

Used in shipbuilding, civil construction, pipe workshops and general steel fabrications Buddy Arc 400i is used is a lightweight, compact and easy to use welder that demonstrates its usage capacity even in remote areas where electricity is hard to get to. It is basically used for the industrial duty, fan cooled inverter that controls power sources meant for MMA (Manual Metal Arc)/TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding.

Buddy Arc 200 Amp Stick/ Live TIG portable welders are designed for heavy duty welding which is a vital and reliable power source designed for professional welders and is primarily used in plant fabrication and maintenance, site maintenance and repair, civil construction, general fabrication and agriculture.

“With the progress in the construction sector, we see the addition of new technology products to be a great support to the growth and development of the economy. At Nass, we are always keen to adopt innovative and up-to-date technology to offer our valued customers convenience at all times and in all aspects of contribution and contracting.”

Through their technological leadership, Nass has provided the most reliable products and services that have made a major contribution to the development of Bahrain’s commercial and industrial infrastructure.

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