Over 2300 attend science workshops at BSC

Science Workshops in progress at the Bahrain Science Centre
Developing a love for science in children, Bahrain Science Centre (BSC) has witnessed more than 2300 children attending the science workshops in just four weeks since it opened in July this year.

Over 1300 individuals and families, nearly 860 schools and educational centre students and more than 160 teachers have attended science workshops at the Bahrain Science Centre this summer.

“We are overwhelmed with the record breaking response we have received from children, families and educational institutions. Complementing the school curriculum, the science workshops stimulate curiosity and innovation amongst the young ones which has been a key to our success,” Assistant Undersecretary of Community Development Khalid Ishaq from Bahrain’s Ministry of Social Development, said.

The Centre kicks off the new season with more science workshops. Children will meet a real scientist and discuss with him or her how he became a scientist. Young visitors will be amazed to see a scientist dissect a cow’s or a fish eye, learn how our eyes see, and how our brain tells us what we see (kids had manuals about dissecting for future reference).

Children will get the opportunity to experience the science centre’s menagerie collection of toy animals and have fun discussing where they live, what they eat, who eats them and other interesting facts which will fascinate young minds during the animal story-telling sessions. From science shows, animal story-telling, puppet workshops, talk shops,(Experiment of the week were kids do their own experiments under the supervision of a science teacher, scientific themed art activities, static electricity demonstration) to educational games, there’s something for everyone at the Bahrain Science Centre. A series of fun-filled games and hands-on activities encourage children to use their brains and to enter a world of imagination. Entertaining and exciting activities are offered to develop essential life skills for young visitors at the Science Centre, which falls under Bahrain’s Ministry of Social Development.

Currently operated and managed by MTE Studios, the Bahrain Science Centre is the first of its kind in the country and all the displays are designed to be educational. Schools in Bahrain started exploring the new Bahrain Science Centre by appointment only prior to its official launch with great success since it first opened its doors in late March 2012. School and Summer Holiday groups are still being formally invited until the Bahrain Science Centre opens officially to children as well as families and adults in September this year.

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