Riffa Views homeowners elect a body

Third from left to right, Yasser Al-Raee Managing Director of Riffa Views, with members of the Interim Homeowners Association
Following a successful election process, homeowners of Riffa Views have elected the official members of the first ‘Interim Homeowners Association’ to be established for a residential development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a voluntary advisory body, the ‘Interim Riffa Views Homeowners Association’ (IRVHA) will allow for an increased participation of the homeowners in the management of the common areas of the development and will pave the way for the ultimate formation of the final Homeowners Association in the future.

The structure being implemented by Riffa Views in conjunction with the homeowners is unique in Bahrain and aims to put the best interests and desires of the homeowners at the heart of the management of the development. The regulatory framework generally used in Bahrain is best suited to apartment blocks, and Riffa Views has taken proactive steps to ensure a bespoke structure that integrates the homeowners in the management of the development.

The ‘IRVHA’ is comprised of nine Members with equal representation for each of the three residential estates. Its Members will provide feedback and input on the range and quality of services provided for the upkeep and maintenance of the community and any issues that relate to the common areas. In addition, a Property Manager has been appointed by Riffa Views to establish the Homeowners Association office. The Property Manager will work jointly with the ‘IRVHA’ for the benefit of the community and will be the main liaison with the homeowners on matters that relate to the common areas.

“It is an honour for the committee members to represent the Riffa Views’ homeowners. As our role is only advisory, we intend to work closely with Riffa Views’ management to ensure that Riffa Views remains the premier residential community in Bahrain. We will be initially focused in consolidating the maintenance services for the development and establishing a separate legal entity for the Homeowners,” Shahid Masoud Mohammed, Chairman of the IRVHA, said.

“The ‘IRVHA’ gives the homeowners a channel of communication to express their views and opinions via an elected body with members that share their neighborhood values. The ultimate aim of all parties involved is to preserve the integrity of Riffa Views and help to maintain its long-term value,” Yasser Al-Raee, Managing Director of Riffa Views, said.

“This is the first stage of the management structure being implemented at the development, as Riffa Views seeks to fully incorporate the homeowners in the ongoing good management and the long-term ownership of the community.”

The first period of the ‘IRVHA’ will run until the 31st March 2013. A further election process will then take place to elect the 2014 ‘IRVHA’ Members.

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