RUW President honours with Socrates International Award

Professor Mazin Jumah, President of Royal University for Women, received the Socrates International Award from the Europe Business Assembly, for personal contribution to intellectual development of today’s society.

Experts of Europe Business Assembly research institutions have investigated public opinion to discover contemporary leaders – outstanding and authoritative persons representing different countries which had made a great contribution to the national economies and positive social processes. Royal University for Women was chosen as one of best representatives of Asia.

In July2012 Dublin, Ireland hosted International Socrates Award Ceremony and the Dublin Summit of Leaders to honour the best personalities in the field of governmental management, economy, science and culture with the prestigious International Socrates Award. This event coincides with Euro Science Open Forum that was patronage by the President of the Republic of Ireland and was attended by many scientists and experts from Europe and the rest of the world.

“I am very honoured and to have been chosen for the Socrates Award as the events are traditionally attended by and creative elite from the whole world and it laureate Royal University for Women and welcomes it to most prestigious summit and social forums organized by EBA and its partners,” Dr. Jumah, said.

“The nomination symbolizes the highest degree of professional achievements recognition and services for common values enriching.”

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