Sabaya Magazine supports Al Noor Charity

Charity Drive Project Head and Sabaya Magazine English Editor Dilraz Kunnummal handing over the collections to Al Noor Charity Welfare Representative and Head of Orphans Committee Rehab Hamza in the presence of Sabaya Magazine Arabic Editorial Manager Omaima Ebrahim and Sabaya Magazine Sales Executive Sara Sharif
Sabaya Magazine in a statement said that its charity drive during Ramadan in support of Al Noor Charity was a great success.

Sabaya Magazine, which launched the charity drive, said it was aimed at giving back to the community and does their part in improving the life of the underprivileged. Al Noor Charity Welfare was invited to partner the drive, to ensure that the collection reached the right hands.

The charity drive was the brainchild of the English editor, Dilraz Kunnummal, who conceptualized and managed the project.

“We realized we could really make a difference to a lot of families and that there were many people out there who were not sure of what they can do to help and where they could donate to. So we launched this initiative and are completely bowled over by the response,” she said.

“We spread the word using social media and the calls and emails started pouring in. We have received everything from clothes to toys, food items, decoration pieces, stationery etc.”

“Helping hands and extending love to others in the holy month of Ramadan is kind of normal to everyone in the Muslim world. When we called for a charity collection for needy people, we expected reaction. Organizations including the Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa, Kalaam Telecom, school and university students and even individuals who preferred to be anonymous came forward with donations,” Omaima Ebrahim, the Arabic editorial Manager, said.

“We are indeed very proud of the team led by Dilraz, along with our photographer Habeed Hameed, who went door to door collecting the items,” Mamdouh Shehata, CEO of Sabaya Publishing.

“We also express our gratitude to everyone who helped us make this initiative a success and we hope to launch more such projects in the future, which allow us to improve the lives of others.”

“We are delighted with the collections that Sabaya Magazine has got for us. We will analyzing the items and will then hand it over to the right people. Every little bit we receive goes a long way in helping people. We are thoroughly grateful for this initiative,” Shaikha Lamia M. Al Khalifa, President of the Al Noor Charity Welfare, said.

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