Takaful International signs agreement with Anadolu Medical Center Turkey

Younis Al Sayed shakes hand with Hasan Kus after agreement signing ceremony

Bahrain-based Takaful International Company (TIC) signed a mutual cooperation agreement with Anadolu Medical Center Turkey, which is one of the largest and most highly acclaimed hospitals in Eurasia and will provide a wide range of medical services for TIC in one of the most specialized medical centers.

Anadolu Medical Center has a specialised medical team in all disciplines including Oncology, Cardiac Care, Women’s Health and IVF, Neurological Sciences, Surgical Sciences and Orthopedics. It is also considered among the top hospitals in the world that uses the ‘Cyberknife Radiosurgery’ technology in the field of oncology, which is currently one of the most secured ways to treat tumors without any surgical intervention, as it is designed to destroy tumours with minimal damage to the tissues surrounding it.

“Signing this agreement enhances Takaful services, especially coverage of health insurance, and we are pleased with this joint cooperation with such a large medical center that works in strategic partnership with John Hopkins Medicine, which is consistently ranked amongst the best hospitals in the United States by US News and World Report’s “America’s Best Hospitals” annual survey,” said Younis Jamal Al Sayed, the CEO of TIC.

“This agreement includes many features such as assistance in travel and transportation, as once you have decided to be treated at Anadolu Center, Takaful International will make arrangements for the travel, hotel reservation and other trip requirements deemed necessary. Moreover, the agreement entitles all TIC customers and non customers to have access to all medical services,” he added.

In addition, he said, Takaful International will provide – all its customers and non customers- the Remote Second Medical Opinion service with the most specialized doctors in their fields, to ensure diagnosis accuracy and the treatment to be received by the patient.

“The company continues to develop its insurance products and health insurance in particular, due to the growing demand and increased importance of health awareness, as the company seeks to attract more major medical hospitals regionally and globally and include them within our network”, said Jamal.

“We are delighted to sign this agreement with Takaful International, which is one of the leading insurance companies that provides innovative products, safe and special services in addition to its association with the major international re-insurance companies,” said Hasan Kus the CEO of Anadolu Medical Center.

He also added that Anadolu Medical Center offers wide range of high quality products and services that meet the international standards, in addition to its modern and sophisticated medical approaches and equipments.

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