Tamkeen supports women entrepreneurs

One of the Bahraini exhibitors during a regional expo
As part of its ongoing efforts to support Bahraini businesses and to empower women, Tamkeen has supported nearly 100 Bahraini Women Entrepreneurs to participate in recent key local trade fairs and exhibitions.

The initiative is part of “Tarweej” Scheme, one of the many Schemes available under Tamkeen’s flagship Enterprise Development Support Programme that seeks to improve the efficiency and growth of Bahrain-based enterprises.
The support was presented to the entrepreneurs in four exhibitions: Al Dana Exhibition (27-28 July 2012), Abaya 3 (1-3 August 2012), Galleria (3-4 August 2012) and Layali Ramadan (4-9 August), which have been organized exclusively to bring together Bahraini business women of all ages to support showcasing their handmade and authentic local designs in the fields of home business and local fashion, which include traditional abayas, Jalabiyas and all that is related to women beauty and style.
Tamkeen contributed nearly BD 54,000 through “Tarweej” Scheme to support women participation in these events with the objective of promoting productive and creative Bahraini women entrepreneurs to achieve their potential and increasing their contribution to economic development that is in line with “Vision 2030”
Tarweej enables Bahraini Based enterprises to increase their visibility through participation in local and international trade fairs and exhibitions. Since November 2009, Tamkeen has contributed nearly BD 1.5 million through this Scheme which has enabled nearly 1060 businesses to showcase their products and services at leading local, regional and international trade fairs and exhibitions.
Commenting on her participation experience in Galleria and Abaya 3 events, Badreya Khaled Al Alawi, owner of Jupon Tailoring, specialised in designing and sale of traditional Abaya and Jallabiyas said that this was her second participation with Tamkeen’s support through Tarweej Programme. Al Alawi indicated that she has been in the market for over two years. The support gained from Tamkeen has positively impacted her business by further promoting hand-made abayas which are designed by her personally.

“Our participation this year, particularly, in the Abaya event, has been a great success,” she said. “My sister and I had the opportunity to promote our designs through the three day fashion show event. We are highly appreciative to Tamkeen for their generous support,” she added.

Another participant, Huda Khalil, owner of Abayati, said she had showcased her own Abaya designs during Galleria event and also took part in several other international trade fairs such as Bride Show 2012 in Abu Dhabi and “Heya” 2012.

She said that the application process went smoothly with Tamkeen and she received a final approval within two weeks of applying to participate in the event. Khalil also said that the experience overall has encouraged her to apply for the “Tasweeq” Scheme.

Owner and partner of “Class Line Abayat”, Mai Mohammed, said she has participated in several trade fairs across the region through “Tarweej” Scheme to gain market exposure and promote Abayas designed by herself and her sister. She commented on her participation this year in Al Dana and Galleria expos as being fairly good with her designs becoming popular among visitors, which constantly requested the whereabouts of her enterprise.

Mohammed wished to see more women- related events in the Kingdom, especially those organised on an international level.

“Empowering Bahraini women has always been a top priority for Tamkeen. The support granted by Tamkeen to enable women participation in these events is one way to achieve this objective”. “Tamkeen will continue to develop innovative initiatives which offers support to all Bahraini women whether business owners, employees, or job seekers to encourage them to take their rightful place as essential contributors to prosperity across all economic sectors,” Tamkeen’s Private Sector Support Senior Manager, Mohammed Bucheery, said.

Tamkeen’s “Tarweej” Scheme is a co-financing Scheme designed to support Business Enterprises achieve sustainability by expanding the outreach of their products and services through local and regional exhibitions. Under this Scheme, Tamkeen subsidises 80 percent of the total fees for the event for participating Bahraini companies up to a maximum of BD15000 for small enterprises and BD20000 for medium and large enterprises.

Business owners in Bahrain wishing to benefit from Tamkeen’s “Tarweej” scheme in international events must apply at least one month prior to the event, while local events only require 10 days.

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