Tune in for VIVA’s mobile TV for live football

Football fans can now stay tuned 24×7 into live football action straight from the English Premier League with VIVA Bahrain’s Mobile TV service delivered in partnership with Abu Dhabi Media Company. From the latest Premier League football news including players and team updates, to live matches with English commentary to Video highlights – all this will be telecast live directly on the mobile handsets of VIVA customers opting for this unique service.

Bringing football fans in Bahrain closer to live every moment of one of the biggest football leagues events, VIVA customers will be able to cheer for their favourite player or teams and catch all the LIVE action of the new English Premier League football season, offered at a weekly subscription of BD 2 or a monthly subscription of BD 4.

“This is the second season of EPL we will broadcast live on our Mobile TV service taking forward our collaboration with Abu Dhabi Media Company to keep our customers updated with live football TV broadcasting. Football fans can simply switch on their handset wherever they are, watch the live streaming of EPL matches and follow every kick and every goal until the final whistle. A great alternative for customers always ‘on-the-go’,” Andrew Hanna, Chief Commercial Officer, VIVA Bahrain, said.

Delivering real-time football updates with great service quality, VIVA customers, including current Mobile TV subscribers, can get a daily dose of the complete EPL thrill and action, with broadcasts starting 30 minutes before the kick-off and ending 30 minutes after the full time.

To be able to watch EPL TV, customers should visit the VIVA Land WAP portal (wap.viva.com.bh) from their mobile. Subscribers with a 3G-enabled mobile that supports a WAP browser and streaming will also be able to witness live telecast of the matches on their handsets.

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