VIVA Jusoor hosts elderly members of Dar UCO

Dar UCO Elderly members at VIVA Jusoor Ghabga
VIVA Jusoor, the corporate social responsibility program of VIVA Bahrain, hosted 115 Elderly members of Dar UCO Parents care centre to a Ramadan Ghabga at the Gulf Hotel.

As part of its commitment to be an active member of the local community and connect with all members of the society, the Ghabga gathering organized by VIVA Jusoor to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan was attended by VIVA Bahrain CEO, Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, the company’s top management team as well as representatives of Dar UCO Parents care centre.

To make the holy month celebrations even more memorable for the Elderly, Dar UCO members were treated to an array of numerous competition prizes and memorable gifts related to our Bahraini tradition, handed out by officials of VIVA Bahrain.

“VIVA Jusoor gives us an opportunity to engage with the community and take part in local festivities and translates our commitment of investing into the well-being of our stakeholders and local traditions. We want to express our gratitude to the Elderly members of Dar UCO and are extremely delighted to celebrate festivities of the holy month with them,” Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, CEO, VIVA Bahrain said.

VIVA Jusoor works closely with non-profit organizations to explore new and meaningful ways to benefit the local community and connecting with people to facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas and information within the community.

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