Youth Councils need to be evaluated regularly

PMU Rector Dr. Isa Alansari addressing the Youth Councils
There is a need to evolve a mechanism for the thorough assessment for at least a period of three years to ensure genuine evaluation of achievements of the Youth Council, a senior official at the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU).

Dr. Isa Alansari, Rector of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) and Special Advisor to the Governor of the Eastern Province, who addressed the members of the Youth Councils of the Eastern Province, said that Youth Councils are a platform where youths from diverse backgrounds gather to share their issues and find amicable solutions. Students from various educational institutions make big share of it but those youths with the special needs and representing various other sectors are also integral part of it.

Dr. Alansari stressed for rigorous annual monitoring of the Councils. “Thorough assessment should be done for at least a period of three years to ensure genuine evaluation of achievements,” he said. He further said that obstacles would keep coming but youths shouldn’t lag behind while taking genuine steps to fulfill the dreams.
“Students should portray complete enthusiasm and curiosity to make difference in their lives by achieving the targets. They can sort out problems through communication and sharing of ideas,” he said.

He welcomed 88 participating members of the Councils which was the representation of 11 provinces. Each province has 8 members in these Councils. With participation from both male and female members, these Councils are committed with a purpose to accommodate youth groups to address their concerns better. He urged the youths for ideas generation as well.

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