Around 286 arrests during security operation in Bahrain

General Tariq Al Hassan

MANAMA: The security operation in Al Diraz area by the law enforcing agencies have led to 286 arrests, confirms by the top cop in Bahrain.

General Tariq Al Hassan, the Chief of the Public Security, while addressing a Press conference at Public Security Club said that the police and other officials were came under deadly attacks carried out by the terrorists hiding in the safe haven in Diraz area.

The police were deployed on a targeted security operation to the Al Diraz area to safeguard public safety. During the operation, police authorities came under attack by members of a terrorist cell throwing fire bombs, metal rods, knifes and axes forcing the security authorities to respond proportionately.

View of the safe haven
View of the safe haven
A total of 286 arrests were made, including fugitives that had escaped from Jau Prison. Several terrorists and convicted felons were also apprehended with a large number of them hiding in the residence of Isa Qassim.

The security operation was undertaken to protect public order and to ensure the safety and security of residents.

During the successful security operation, forces were able to remove a series of illegal road blocks and barricades. Traffic in the area has returned to normal.

Security forces remain deployed in the area to ensure the safety of civilians, and call on all parents to ensure the safety of their children and immediately inform the security authorities of any information they may have regarding illegal firearms or dangerous substances that could be used in terrorist acts.

The Ministry of Interior has revealed details about the operation as part of its commitment to keeping the public informed about the terrorist threat level in the Kingdom. The Ministry will continue to enforce the law as part of its commitment to safeguarding the security of the Kingdom and all Bahrainis.

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