Bahrain serves as a gateway to $2trillion Gulf economy


MANAMA: The Kingdom of Bahrain serves as a gateway to the $2trillion GCC economy, thanks to the geo-strategic position of the Kingdom, says the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications.

The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Kamal bin Ahmed was speaking during the review-cum-briefing of the Supreme Committee on Logistics Sector held at the Customs Headquarters in Hidd and said that the $1.1 billion expansion of the Bahrain International Airport and modern infrastructure will reposition Bahrain as a logistics hub to the GCC and wider Arab region.

Backing the Logistics Committee’s resolve of continuing to promote Bahrain’s logistics sector and its role in driving economic growth and attracting international investment to the country, Minister Kamal bin Ahmed said that Logistics sector growth spurred by the ongoing industrial development which means more manufacturing and exports and imports of raw material.

“One could see the complementary factor of the economic activity to the growth of each sector and which reflects on the overall growth of the national economy. The initiatives such as modern road network, easy access to the cargo shipments and facilitation to the investments at each level are few but key pillars to bolster Bahrain’s position as an important economic player in the region,” Kamal bin Ahmed said, adding the size of Bahrain doesn’t matter but how efficient system you have in place matters.

The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications said that the new agreements were underway to expand Bahrain’s logistics sector which will bolster the growth of the national economy.

The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Kamal bin Ahmed announced that a new package of investment agreements and expansion projects are currently in the pipeline, adding that the new projects will contribute to Bahrain’s sustainable development efforts. Kamal bin Ahmed went on to highlight the substantial increase in international investment across Bahrain’s Logistical Zone, which now hosts B&P, Multicom Real Estate, and Armada Group.

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