Bahrain refutes ‘systematic torture allegations’ as ridiculous

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MANAMA: Out of the dedication of the security authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain to interact with the public, reinforce community partnership and highlight facts, and in response to reports by Al Jazeera, a Qatari channel that incites sedition and disunity, quoting three anonymous and imaginary human rights organisations claiming systematic torture in Bahrain.
the authorities affirm the following:

First: The alleged human rights organisations are unknown and their activities are only limited to anonymous statements that lack credibility and are issued for malicious purposes.

Second: adaptation of Al Jazeera channel to those malicious reports and dedication to intensively release them indicate that those reports are part of the historical Qatari conspiracy against Bahrain and its people, and reveal the strong cooperation between the channel with its political agenda and the media sources of Vali-yefaqih (Guardian Jurist) against Gulf countries and nationals.

Third: Accusations mentioned in those reports are false and baseless, hence the appropriate legal procedures will be taken against those issuing and promoting such lies, including Al Jazeera channel, as they are considered as incitement against state authorities and policemen in a way that harms civil peace and coexistence values between peaceful Bahraini society.

Fourth: Some of the names mentioned as activists in those reports are fugitives and others are involved in terrorist cases bending trials at Bahrain’s courts, hence details about those cases shouldn’t be discussed out of the commitment to the rule of law and the judiciary.

Fifth: The security authorities are committed to their duties, including the protection of security and stability, and the reinforcement of justice and the rule of law based on the Constitution and the laws. It is worth mentioning, that the Kingdom of Bahrain has highlighted in previous reports at the UN Human Rights Council that all police stations are equipped with CCTVs to monitor all their operations.

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