RCO to send a planeload of humanitarian aid to Nepal

MANAMA: As people of Nepal are grappling with one of the worst earthquake hit their country claiming over 3700 lives, Royal Charity Organisation (RCO) is planning to send a planeload of humanitarian aid to Nepal.

Mani Prasad Bhattarai, Head of Mission at Nepal Embassy, in Manama told The24x7News Bahrain (www.twentyfoursevennews.com) that RCO has contacted the mission and asked for details and showed interest in sending a planeload of humanitarian aid to earthquake hit Nepal.

Head of Nepal Mission said that they need search and rescue teams, equipments, doctors, orthopedics, neuro-surgeons, tents and other eatable items to help people to survive especially those staying under the open sky due to aftershocks of earthquake.

The Minister of Information Isa Abdulrahman on behalf of the Government and people of Bahrain extended condolences on this tragedy. “The Kingdom of Bahrain always been at the forefront when it comes to helping other nations especially in crisis and Bahrain will also help Nepalese people as RCO and other entities are working on this,” he added.

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