Renowned poet Syed Qais passes away

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Manama: One of the most renowned poets Syed Qais passed away after a protracted illness. He hailed from Pakistan and had been living with his family in Bahrain over the past five decades.

Late, Qais enjoyed a huge base of followers, poetry lovers, philanthropists and people with love for humanity. Late Qais in his life was very humble and lovely person and his demise has created a huge gap in literary and philanthropic scene of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“I am saddened with the heartbreaking news of demise of late Qais and on behalf of the Board I extend condolences to family, friends and huge fan following of this ever green poet whose work will remain an essential ingredient of all poetry sessions in Bahrain and Pakistan,” Mahmood Rafique, Chairman of the Pakistan Club in a statement, said.

Late Qais will be remembered hundreds of thousands who had been directly or indirectly inspired by his strong and delicate poetry over the past five decades.

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