Silah Gulf among the top employers in Bahrain

Silah Gulf Chairman Mr. Mohammed Ali AlQaed with CEO and Deputy Chairman during the Press conference

MANAMA: The Silah Gulf Company has emerged as one of the top job providers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Silah Gulf which was established in 2010 specialises in operating and managing contact centers as well as the Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) is also making profit and expanded its business across the GCC and the Middle East.
These were the key takeaways from a presentation-cum-presentation held at the Club on Saturday led by its Chairman Mohammed Al Qaed who highlighted the key success indicators of the company which he said has been playing a pivotal role in the diversification of the not only Bahrain but the GCC economies.

Silah Gulf Chairman Mr. Mohammed Ali AlQaed expressed his pride and pleasure with the accomplishments achieved during the past six years since the launch of the Silah Gulf Company in 2010.

The company is specialized in operating and managing contact centers as well as the Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO); it also implements a component of the Economic Vision 2030 which has been launched by HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Premier to enable the Kingdom of Bahrain to become a regional center of BPO. The Economic Development Board (EDB) granted the Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) the confidence to become the main founder of the BPO in the Kingdom; indicating that the establishment of the company emerged with a capital of BD4 Million out-of-which government contribution included BD2.3 Million through the partnership with the Merchants company – one of the largest international company providers to contact center services and BPO that offers integrated innovative solutions to local and regional contact centers.

AlQaed valued the great efforts and directions of HH Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak AlKhalifa Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Committee of Information and Communication Technology – since the launch of the company. His efforts and directions have certainly contributed in supporting the company’s work to become a leading Bahraini company – not only in providing innovative solutions but in creating jobs, training Bahraini employees as well as opening opportunities to them in the local market.

During a press conference held yesterday with the attendance of Silah Gulf CEO Mr. Ricardo Langwieder-Goerner along with a number of members of the Board of Directors and officials; AlQaed declared that the company has succeeded in achieving all of its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which have been launched since its establishment.

The company has exceeded its first performance indicator which aims at employing 250 employees by reaching over 500 employees with the end of the fifth year; together with 800 employees during six years. Silah has also contributed in supplying the labour market with 700 trained employees to become of the largest 20 companies that employ Bahrainis during a record period of only six years.

“The company will continue its pursue in creating jobs for Bahrainis to reach 1500 jobs during the three upcoming years and with that – it would become one of the largest 10 companies which employ Bahrainis. Furthermore, it will spend every effort in training larger numbers for the purpose of supplying the Bahraini market with qualified national workforce within the contact center service sector and BPO – such initiative will contribute in developing the economic drive in the sector going in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030,” AlQaed, said.

AlQaed expressed his pride with the company’s high percentage of Bahrainization which has amounted to 70%, where more than 95% is within the National Contact Center. The number of staff has reached up to 809 employees with 70% being males and 30% females; where females represent a percentage of 50% amongst the executive management positions. The Chairman also explained that most private sector companies, which have reached such a large number of employees, have been established since the sixties, seventies and eighties; while Silah was able to reach such figure within only six years. He also touched upon the role played by the company in accommodating a variety of society segments – alongside employing male and female employees from various academic levels; the company employs a number of the special needs, in an effort to open the door to this society segment.

“The company was also capable of achieving other KPIs during the specified time period; as it was able to develop an electronic system with numerous channels that provide all the services. In addition, Silah has achieved in delivering integrated services for a group of entities under one roof, in order to reach financial independence from the shareholders, it has also effectively contributed in supporting the Economic Vision 2030 in establishing a regional BPO. Moreover, results of an EDB study of the sector has shown a steady growth of reaching a cumulative growth rate of 12.8% during 2013-2020.

“During the first stage of its establishment, Silah Gulf company was capable of forming a strong name in the Bahraini market through its interest to build an institution, effectiveness and efficiency in its internal operations. It was also greatly keen on adhering to the principals of governance in order to raise the company’s ability and readiness to provide high-quality exceptional services in the region,” AlQaed, added.

“The second stage included completing a package of services that the company offers to its clients from various sectors such as the governmental, aviation, banking, telecommunication, retail sectors along with a chain of international restaurants in an aim to showcase its capability of local and regional competition in providing innovative and integrated services within the contact center and BPO fields. Such step made Bahrain a center of BPO,” he added.

Mr. Mohammed Ali AlQaed also revealed that the company looks forward to the third stage of expanding regionally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait; through supporting the GCC economic by providing services to the private and public sectors in these countries as well as creating job opportunities to the GCC citizens.

“Only few organisations in the Middle East customer service industry are integrated customer experience solution providers; they may serve only a part of the consultancy but not in fact provide a holistic package. The only country which can support the Arabic GCC requirement at high-quality with local talent and the right scalability is Bahrain where Silah Gulf is the leading provider. Silah is not just a typical call center provider; it is a true people company which is demonstrated by the way it has grown. Its strong infrastructure, the right people, delivery of end-to-end customer service solutions is what makes it a strong competitor not only on a national level but regional as well,” said Mr. Ricardo Langwieder-Goerner.

“Work at the company proceeds according to professional standards that include diligence, innovation, excellence, passion for work as well as respect. In addition to involving employees and customers in developing and implementing the business strategy which we ensure on achieving its objectives every three months with the customers,” continued the CEO who also indicated that the company is keen on providing its clients with the best levels of service to suit their needs by focusing on their essential work and leaving the rest to Silah to support with the highest of quality and competitive prices.

Mr. Langwieder-Goerner showcased the nature of services that the company provides such as Consultancy, Sourcing, Technology and Training. He also presented a number of successful experiences with the company clients as he praised the efforts of more than 800 employees were able to maintain 100% of the company’s customers – an initiative that qualified the company to receive 30 industry awards.

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