TAKAUD reports 11.6 per cent growth

Luc Metivier TAKAUD CEO

Manama: TAKAUD, the specialist provider of savings, investment and pension solutions for the MENA region, reported double-digit growth for the company’s nine investment strategies in 2016.

The news is well received news for those with saving in TAKAUD for retirement, their children’s education and other important goals, in Bahrain and elsewhere throughout the Middle East.

Among TAKAUD’s nine Investment strategies the three Global Strategies produced the highest returns for investors this year, with the following net cumulative annual returns, were global growth strategy, 11.58%; global balanced strategy: 10.50% and global cautious strategy: 7.89%.

These returns are comparable to the 11.90% and the 9.39% that Morningstar, an independent research provider, reports were posted by the S&P 500 and the MSCI World Index, two leading international indexes of the world’s largest and strongest companies. TAKAUD’s Regional and Sharia-Compliant investment strategies saw returns of up to 5.71%.

“We are very pleased with our 2016 results and are confident that the way we actively monitor and manage these investment strategies will continue to produce good returns for our customers next year and beyond,” Luc Métivier, TAKAUD’s CEO, said.

“Our customers are saving for important reasons—to have a secure retirement, to ensure their children receive a high-quality education, and to provide economic stability for their families—and we always strive to give them the best possible investment solutions. When people are saving for the long-term well-being of their families it is essential to have investments that beat inflation over time. That’s the key feature differentiating TAKAUD from other savings accounts. Not only do TAKAUD’s Investment Strategies protect investments against inflation, they also deliver superior growth potential compared to other traditional investment options.”

“Our approach is paying off,” said Johannes van der Dong, TAKAUD’s Chief Investment Officer. “Our strong commitment to diversification coupled with constant monitoring and fine tuning where necessary has made the most of market conditions.”

TAKAUD offers, directly or through financial partners, savings plans for individuals and employee savings plans for corporations and SMEs. It operates an open-architecture investment platform with wide options, catering both to the needs of individuals requiring wealth management services and to institutions seeking placement solutions.

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