Iran-India top level talks crucial

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden visit to Iran is crucial and a step forward towards cementing India and Iran’s relationship, according to Sarosh Zaiwalla, Founder and Senior Partner of Zaiwalla & Co.

“Iran and India are two existing ancient civilisations. Now that Iran is coming out of the western sanctions, it is a great opportunity to revive old friendship and partnership which is mutually beneficial for both the nations. With all important dignitaries visiting Iran post sanction including Indian PM, India is also looking to expand co-operation with the Persian Gulf nation in sectors such as trade, investment, energy and infrastructure. The lifting of the international sanctions against Iran has opened immense opportunities for both the countries, especially in the economic sphere,” he said.

India is one of largest buyers of crude oil in the world. Historically also, Iran and India have shared social, political, and economic ties. During colonization, relations between India and the rest of the world were subject to drastic changes, and consequently contact between Iran and India decreased. Postcolonial political and cultural ties between the Shah of Iran and India were strong.

“India, Afghanistan and Iran signing the trilateral trade treaty for developing the Chabahar port, a strategically important port, will allow India to access Central Asia through Afghanistan, more importantly skipping Pakistan, and the Persian Gulf as it is the only Iranian port with access to the Indian Ocean. This will be a game changer for India.”

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