Iran should shun the policy of hegemony

Ali bin Mohammed Al Romaihi, Information Minister

MANAMA: Ali bin Mohammed Al Romaihi, Information Minister, urged Iran to stop interfering in the GCC countries’ internal affairs instead play a role in boosting people’s welfare in the region.

Information Minister, who is also Board of Trustees Chairman of Bahrain Institute for Political Development, stressed that success of the Bahraini security bodies to foil an escape bid of prisoners and terror suspects to Iran by the sea is a message to anyone who tampers with the kingdom’s security and stability, tries to terrorize people and defy the rule of the law.

HE the Minister applauds the success of Bahraini security forces to foil an escape bid terror suspects to Iran by sea and warned intruders that the security apparatus of Bahrain would not allow to meddle in the internal affairs of the Kingdom.

Information Minister praises Bahrain’s success in busting terror cells and tracking down and arresting terrorists and their supporters from the marine territory of the country.

Initial investigation in failed escape attempt by terrorists shows the involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the terrorist parties loyal to it: Information Minister
Minister Information highlights the GCC unwavering fraternal support to Bahrain and its efforts in maintaining security, stability as well as national and regional sovereignty

The GCC co-operation proves that security of the Arabian Gulf is integral and will always remain immune against threats and extremist organisations

“The GCC countries call upon on Iran to comply with the principles of good neighbourliness, respect international covenants, prevent using its lands to harbour terrorists,” the Information Minister in an interview said.

Minister Information stresses the need of boosting GCC and Arab cooperation in confronting foreign conspiracies and preventing mass media and websites role for spreading violence, religious hatred, sectarianism and racism.

Bahrain continues to adhere to tolerant and peaceful policy but will show zero tolerance against terrorists, forces of evil and terrorism, says Information Minister

“The competence of Kingdom’s security apparatus is a stark message to anyone who tampers with Bahrain’s security and stability. No one will be allowed to terrorize people and defy the rule of the law.

“Bahrain remains firm in fighting and uprooting terrorism, thanks to the vigilance and competence of Kingdom’s security bodies as well as its sound legal and judicial system

“The 16th anniversary of the National Action Charter, which was approved by 98.4% of the Bahraini people on February 14, 2001, is proof of reforms, democracy and economic development and protecting the state of law and institutions from subversive and sectarian projects.

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