Legislative-executive co-operation vital for democracy

Gudiabia Palace: His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has reiterated his constant keenness on consolidating cooperation between the executive and the legislative branches.

“All of us share the ultimate goal of ensuring a better future for the homeland and decent living for every citizen,” he said.

“We have constant contacts with everyone, and our doors are wide-open for all, without distinction or discrimination,” he added, stressing that Bahrain will remain fortified against whoever seeks to undermine its security and stability thanks to the cohesion of the Bahraini people.

He voiced the stances as he received Speaker Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Mulla, former Speaker Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani, First Deputy Speaker Ali Abdulla Al Aradi, First Deputy Shura Council Chairman Jamal Fakhro, several MPs and Shura members, as well as senior state officials.

HRH Premier expressed pride in the kingdom’s parliamentary experience, which, he said, is progressing steadily according to the requirements of every phase of national action, and in accordance with the nature of the Bahraini society.

He affirmed that the nation will move forward as planned, stressing that attempts to impede its progress by terrorism, sabotage or targeting of the national security will never succeed.

“Such attempts did not succeed and will never succeed, thanks to the popular awareness and the citizens’ patriotism,” he said.

HRH the Prime Minister emphasised that strengthening the twin pillars of security and stability is a collective responsibility, explaining that all people, be they citizens or residents, should assume their responsibility in protecting the nation.

HRH Premier expressed high confidence in MPs’ keenness to cooperate with the government to upgrade the citizens’ standards of living and implementing projects that enhance the progress the kingdom is currently witnessing at all levels.

Thanks to the efforts and determination of loyal Bahrainis, the kingdom will move forwards towards further progress and prosperity, HRH Premier said, calling on everyone to assume their responsibilities and dedicate themselves in the service of the nation in all fields.

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