Zero tolerance for terrorism, says HRH Prime Minister

HRH PremierMANAMA: His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has urged to deal firmly with all organisations and groups seeking to undermine the kingdom’s security and stability, stressing the need to uproot terrorism and dries up its sources, and hold accountable all those behind it in words and deeds as soon as possible.

HRH the Prime Minister called for enforcing the law against whoever found guilty of acts of terrorism or sabotage.

“All countries of the world fight terrorism with full force and vigor in order to safeguard their security and stability, and we have every right to play our role in combating terrorism and take all deterrent measures that protect our country and people,” he said during a visit to Interior Ministry on Wednesday.

HRH the Premier expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to all affiliates of the Interior Ministry for their efforts to maintain security and stability, and not allow any groups to deny the citizens and residents their right to enjoy a secure and stable life.

“Your stances and sacrifices are appreciated and commended by His Majesty the King, the government and the people of Bahrain. I support you, and I will always do. I have come here to provide you with all the support you need to carry on your efforts and dedicated work. Our collective responsibility is to ensure the security for the country, and we will not deviate from this determination,” HRH Premier said.

“My main goal is to ensure the safety of this nation, and I will not accept that sabotage and terrorism become part of our daily life,” he said, noting that “the Bahraini society, which has always been known for its tolerance and civilisation, does not deserve an aberrant group, which uses terrorism and sabotage as a method, to be allowed to live inside it.”

Upon arrival at the Interior Ministry, HRH Premier was welcomed by the Head of the National Security Agency Major-General Adel Al-Fadhel and Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan and a number of the ministry’s senior officers.

The Prime Minister discussed with them the latest developments regarding the investigation into the terror blast which occurred in Sitra yesterday, and the efforts exerted to arrest the perpetrators and those who had incited them, as well as the Interior Ministry’s efforts to maintain security across the Kingdom.

HRH the Prime Minister issued directives to provide advanced equipment and supplies that ensure the safety of the security personnel, and protect them while on-duty amid the qualitative development in the acts of terrorism and sabotage witnessed by the kingdom recently.

He also instructed to review anti-terror laws and regulations so as be deter terrorists, and match the sophisticated methods they are using to inflict maximum damage on Bahrain and its people.

“Policemen have the right to be provided with protection requirements while assuming their duties in defending the nation and the citizens,” he said, affirming that the government will continue supporting the Interior Ministry through providing it with all its needs so as to consolidate its efforts in maintaining the security and stability of the society.

He praised the advanced level of the competency and efficiency of the Interior Ministry’s personnel in dealing with various crimes, particularly terrorist acts.

HRH the Prime Minister offered sincere condolences and sympathy to the Ministry of Interior over the martyrdom of two on-duty policemen and the injuring of six others as a result of the Sitra terror blast, praying to Allah Almighty to rest the souls of the martyrs in eternal peace, and grant patience and consolation to their relatives and speedy recovery to the wounded.

The Kingdom of Bahrain will triumph over the forces of evil and terrorism which seek no good or stability for Bahrain and its people, he said.

Speaking on behalf of the Interior Ministry’s officers and staff, the National Security Agency Head and Public Security Chief extended utmost thanks and appreciation to HRH the Premier for the visit which they described as “badge of honour” for all the Ministry’s affiliates.

HRH Premier’s directives will be a catalyst for the ministry’s staff to double efforts in order to safeguard the security of the nation and the citizens, they said, stressing the ministry’s readiness to make all possible sacrifices for the sake of ensuring the safety of the nation and the citizens, being a patriotic honour.

They affirmed to the leadership and people of Bahrain that they would spare no effort to maintain the security and stability of the homeland, and confront all deviant and misguided ideology holders who seek to impede the kingdom’s development and progress march by resorting to terrorism.

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