Bahrain's reforms programme will continue: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister of Bahrain
REFORM programme unveiled by His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa remains ongoing – a programme which guarantees the separation of powers, human rights principles, and the freedom of opinion and expression, the Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmed bin Mohamed Al Khalifa in a statement said.

“The recent protests seen in Bahrain could happen in any free democratic country. The government had responded promptly and responsibly to these events, through the establishment by Royal order of a special committee, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister, to investigate the deaths of two dear sons of Bahrain and to ensure full and proper accountability.”

“The Ministry of Interior, immediately and in accordance with the proper legal procedures placed in custody those suspected of involvement in the two cases. These steps make clear that the Kingdom of Bahrain does not condone the use of excessive force at any time,” the FM added.

The investigation committee will carry out its work impartially and transparently. Accordingly, Shaikh Khalid called upon all states and international organisations to strive for truth and accuracy, and not to prejudge matters in advance of the conclusions of the investigating committee.

He added that Bahrain ’s prompt response to these unfortunate incidents demonstrates that it is a country governed by the rule of law and through constitutional institutions. The legislation organising gatherings and demonstrations had been adopted by the elected Council of Representatives. Shaikh Khalid underlined that the right to freedom of expression is guaranteed by the National Action Charter, the Constitution and the law, which must be respected by all.

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