EK Kanoo renews sponsorship to Al Ahli Club

Ebrahim K. Kanoo, the sole distributor of Toyota and Lexus in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has renewed its commitment to sponsoring the leading sports teams of Al Ahli Club for the 2012/2013 season.

Waleed Kanoo, Director at Ebrahim K. Kanoo, presented the cheque to Ali Habib Qassim, Vice President of Al Ahli Club at the main office in Manama.

The sponsorship is in line with Ebrahim K. Kanoo’s ongoing support for sports and youth and commitment to raise awareness, help local athletes from the novice to the professional level, to reach their full potential and develop the overall skills of the kingdom’s athletes, as well as, to motivate the youth to get more involved in social and sports events. Among the various sports teams the company is sponsoring, football, basketball, handball and volleyball – of all age categories.

“Ebrahim K. Kanoo will continue to support and motivate local sports clubs and competitions because it is our duty as the country’s businessmen to push the youth beyond their perceived limits and encourage them in creating a stronger, professional and more talented sports arena for the future of our country,” Waleed Kanoo, said.

Ali Habib Qassim expressed the club’s appreciation for this continuous support, adding that the company’s involvement in local sports has paved the way for nationwide support for local sports which has in turn pushed the field forward locally and internationally.

Ebrahim K. Kanoo is the main sponsor for Al Ahli Club for many years and their ongoing support of sports and youth is a playing a major role in the increasing number of youngsters joining the sports teams in the kingdom.

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